TALA History

Founder Lemuel Abedian
Known as LEON

TALA Corporation was established in 1950 by Leon Abedian. He was born into an Armenian family (immigrated from Van) in 1932 in the city of Tabriz. In his early years of youth, Leon submerged himself in the hard work of mastering the craftsmanship of jewelry and later he traveled to New York City to study at the Gemological Institute of America.

Among his many creative designs are the Royal Ruby Tiara, displayed at The Treasury of National Jewels of Iran, and the 180cm statue of Holy Mary and Baby Jesus made of gold and silver.

Over the years, Leon Abedian, also dedicated his time to teaching gemology and holding lectures at TALA institute where many of his students become well known specialists in Tehran. Some of his distinguished activities were:

  • Working with Gold and Jewelry Syndicate of Tehran to establish the gold standard
  • Senior Advisor of Treasury of National Jewels of Iran
  • Working with the specialists of the University of Toronto for publishing a book on the history of the jewels of the treasury named “ Crown Jewels of Iran” in 1969

He had the honor of hosting world-renowned figures and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and many others. We continue to offer a wonderful and unique experience to our famous customers until this day. Leon passed away on 26th of February 2012 in Tehran Iran.