We would like to take this opportunity to introduce TALA Gallery and entertain the idea of future cooperation with your company. TALA Corporation was founded in 1950 by Lemuel Abedian (Leon) in Tehran, Iran and over the past six and half decades has grown to become the largest gallery of fine jewelry in the Middle East with area of more than 700 square meters in the central business district of Tehran.

TALA Gallery is the only gallery which holds a unique and beautiful cave at its heart.  We hope to provide you with pleasant and unforgettable moments when you visit “The Hall and Angles” the exhibition hall has 333 angles statues worked delicately on its sealing and all around the hall. Number 3 was Leon’s favorite number and it indicates the trinity of Father and Son and the Holy Spirit as the symbols from the Bible, “The Cave of Gems” is very unique and the show case of our new jewelry collection at our gallery.