Chef Executive Officer

Hovsep Abedian

Lemual Abedian’s eldest son Hovsep Abedian was born in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. Growing up in Tehran, Hovsep attended the AGBU Nvart Gulbenkian Primary School. In 1988 his parents decided to send him to Melkonian Educational Institute in Nicosia Cyprus, where he received his high school diploma and through international examinations he was accepted at Boston University in 1994. After graduating from Boston University and receiving his double major degree from School of Management and the Department of Economics, Hovsep returned to Iran in the year 2000.

For many centuries, Armenians in Iran have played an important role in bridging gaps between western and eastern countries by introducing new technologies. During the 90s when the world of the internet was taking its first steps, Hovsep, established a successful  software development company by the name of Global Micro Center Ltd. and became one of the pioneers of this new industry in Iran.

Throughout his life, Hovsep always wanted to re-establish TALA Jewelry and from a very young age he participated in his father’s jewelry making and gemology classes. He also accumulated experience by working with famous jewelry companies in Iran and along with his father’s guidance he became an expert in this field.

In 2008, Hovsep reopened TALA Jewelry store which had ceased its activity due to the countries unrest and became the president and the CEO of TALA Corporation His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative designs have driven TALA Corporation to new heights and solidified this luxury brand name in the market. Being a sharp businessman and an expert in luxury jewelry market, he revolutionized the family business and with hiring high-tech equipments and highly specialized workforce he produced high-end jewelry for his customers worldwide. Among such remarkable advancements is the first luxury watch made in Iran, which was presented at the TALA Gallery in 2012. Hovsep is a specialist at the Treasury of the Nation Jewels of Iran.

Since the reopening of the jewelry store, all Leon’s children integrated into the family business. Highnoosh Abedian, who graduated from University of Massachusetts and also a graduate from Gemological Institute of America, later joined the family business and currently is in charge of inspecting and appraising the gemstones with high quality standards to be used for luxury jewelry made by TALA Co. Harmik Abedian, who also graduated from Boston University with the major of electronics, is currently in charge of enhancing technical and automation and security systems managements of the company.

Hovsep is married to Anahit Abadian, jewelry designer, and they have two sons Arto and Leo.