TALA Signature Collection

Leon’s Jewelry Masterpieces

Red Ruby Tiara

During Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s coronation Leon was commissioned to design and make a tiara for Princess Manijeh Jahanbani, the wife of king’s brother Shahpour Gholamrezai Pahlavi, which is now displayed at the Museum of the Treasury of National Jewels.

Specifications of the Royal Ruby Tiara

(Displayed at showcase #23, item #84 of Treasury of National Jewels of Iran)

  • Weight: 284 grams (White Gold, Red Rubies, Diamonds and Pearls)
  • Number of Red Rubies: 9
  • Red Ruby Carat: 108 carats (second largest ruby of the treasury)
  • Number of Diamonds: 488
  • Diamond Carats: 40
  • Number of Pearls: 14

Statue of Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus

Leon created this magnificent work of art in memory of his mother, Ester, who under unimaginable hardship throughout her life dedicated herself to her family and encouraged Leon to stay true to himself and follow his dreams. 

Unlike many large metal statues which are casted, this statue is especially unique for the creative method Leon implemented in the process of its making. 1853 plates of gold and silver are welded together by techniques used in jewelry to create this masterpiece. The height of the statue is 176 centimeters and its total weight is 42454 grams. 4904 grams of which are 18 karat gold and the rest is silver of 900 fineness.

The process of making the Statue of Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus

Albanian Royal Tiara

This tiara was commissioned by King Leka I, Crown Prince of Albania for his mother, Queen Geraldine. Leon created this elegant jewel from sapphires, diamonds and white gold. Interesting feature of this beautiful tiara is that the middle part, which includes the Albanian national symbol, Skandarbeg’s helmet and the head of a ram, detaches and can be used as a brooch. In 2016, this tiara was worn by Crown Princess Elia Zahariaat her royal wedding to King Leka II.

Necklace of Olga (Ivanovna) Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright’s wife the famous world known architect. She wore it during her famous biography interview with The Life Magazine.

World Second Largest Natural Pearl

The necklace is made out of 18k white gold with more than 10 carat white diamonds, natural pear shape sapphires and a large natural ruby in the middle and pear shape emeralds.

In 1970s Tala jewelry was the first cooperation in Iran to cast large quintiles of gold.

His passion for undying colorful beauty of gemstones never faded. He dedicated his time to sharing this passion and organized gemology and jewelry design classes free of charge to his students and jewelry enthusiasts. By making his resources available to many educational and philanthropic projects he was regarded as a major contributor in Iran. Many of his students are today’s credible jewelry and gemology experts of the country.

In 2012 Lemuel Avedian passed away in Tehran, leaving behind a great legacy.

Hovsep’s Jewelry Masterpieces

TALA Amethyst Goddess Watch

Amethyst is quartz with Hexagonal crystal system gemstone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments, and creating a resonant shield of spiritual light around the body. It acts as a barrier against lower energies, empathic stress reliever and protecting from unhealthy environments.

Its unique purple coloration symbolizes Royalty, Spiritual Hierarchy, promotes Calm, Balance, and Peace.

An enchanting spectacular that is ever being renewed in TALA Co. jewelry collections. It is the first jewelry watch made in Iran. Whether figurative or more abstract, they reflect the jeweler’s unique savoir-faire through colored gemstones and diamonds three-dimensional forms.

Amethyst Goddess Watch is suited for all ages. It’s very unique design for ladies in style and lovers of High Fashion Luxury watches. It  has 98 grams of white 18k  gold with 40mm case; 10 mm white gold dial and with TALA Logo in casted on it and gold crown; round diamonds quality F G, VVS diamonds 0.23 Carat; more than 20 Carat baguette cut high quality natural amethysts; the quartz automatic movement made in well known Swiss factory.

Lady in Pink Watch

The Lady in Pink watch is primarily inspired by the Art Nouveau Pink Period of the 1890 to 1910. The artistic movement is defined by its use of a fancy, sinuous, organic line and was employed most often in architecture, jewelry design, posters, and illustration of that era.

This creation reflects the remarkable High Jewelry expertise of TALA Co. which uses various gem-setting techniques, carefully selected to intensify the brilliance of its diamonds and pink sapphires.

Persian Lion Pendant

The idea of using Achaemenes lion in jewelry was Hovsep’s idea, with the motivation of maintaining and esteeming Persian history. Therefore, Iran’s national flag colors were used in the pendant, which are green as 31 emeralds, symbolizing Iran’s 31 regions, mother of pearl as white, and rubies as red. Lion and sun are very important symbols in Iran’s history. Lion represents kingship and is a symbol of Rustam’s heroism in Shahnameh, and sun is the symbol of power and royalty.

Ruby Paisley Necklace

Inspired by the most famous pattern in Persian culture, which is paisley. This marvelous piece of jewelry art is made of excellent Burmese rubies with total weight of 65.50 carats, pear shapes diamonds weighting 6.240 carats and total diamonds weighting 19.28 carats. Ruby Paisley Necklace is proudly presented by famous and popular Armenian actress, intellectual and super model Ms. Nazeni Hovhannisyan.